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Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Presents: The List

So, now that all of my recipients have gotten their gifts, I can tell you what I did for Christmas this past year.
Way back in October, I came to the realization that I would not have enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone on my list. With this knowledge in hand, I decided I would make my gifts. Every single one.
So I started them in October and worked all the way through December to make everything. Keep in mind that I didn't work every single day on these projects -- I did have some wiggle room.
Also, I will not be posting patterns here, but I may, in the future, post patterns and tutorials for individual items.

I made this extra large, stuffed amigurumi whale for my best friend back in my hometown. I should have taken a photo with her and the whale; she looks much cuter with it than I do.

This is a hairpin I made for my friend Jamie, formally known as my wife (we're not actually married). It's a really simple workup with a sewn cloth flower and some beads on chain. Simple, but elegant and cute!

I made this panda pair for my younger brother, who loves him some pandas. One of them is just a little hug buddy, whilst the other one was turned into a keychain, so he could take some cuteness wherever he goes!

I made this little white pig bun for Rich's sister, Kai Lei. 

Finally, I made this dual-coloured beret and infinity scarf set for my beautiful mom. See how cute they look on her? They were both made with grey and light blue yarn crocheted together with a large hook.

I also made two photo frames, one for my mom and one for my dad, but I didn't get photographs of those, because I was too busy packing at the time.
So that's it! So next time you need to give a gift, try not to worry about how much money is in your pocket -- make something!

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