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Thursday, April 25, 2013


So, I've fallen in love with cowls a little bit. I have this big brown one I got in winter, and it's so fantastic it almost makes me with it was winter again. Almost...
Anyway, I've never made one, and I wanted to find a colour that would be suitable to my personal style, and I decided on this nice rusty one from Lion Brand. It also gave me the chance to use my nice, big crochet hook, which I've fallen in love with since making the boot cuffs. What could be better?
I was able to work it up in a few hours (spread out over two days), and it's super cute. I decided not to twist this one in the work-up, so I could twist it on my own depending on my mood!
Also, I decided to work this in the round to eliminate any visible seams. I think it looks nicer that way.

Crochet Hook US N15/10.00mm
Half Skein Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Rust
Yarn needle

Chain 60 (or more; you decide).
Join round using slip stitch, taking care not to twist (or twist if you want. I don't care).
Round 1: Single crochet in each stitch. Join round with slip stitch.
Round 2: Half double crochet in each stitch. Join with slip stitch. For tutorial on HDC, look here.
Round 3: Double crochet in each stitch. Join with slip stitch.
Round 4: Repeat Round 3.
Round 5: Repeat Round 2.
Round 6: Repeat Round 1.
Round 7: Repeat Round 2.

Continue this pattern for the desired length. Keep in mind that the double crochet round is repeat twice in a sequence, but the single crochet round is used only once.
When finished, tie off, weave in ends, and enjoy!

This pattern was inspired by Amanda's cowl at Parent Pretty. Check out her site here.
You can change how this item comes out by varying a ton of factors. Change the hook size to give tighter or looser stitches. Change the weight of the yarn, or the length and width. The possibilities are there -- work with your personal style and wardrobe to design the perfect cowl!

If you have any comments or questions about this pattern, feel free to leave them below. Don't forget to follow this blog for the latest in crafting fun!

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